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The Facts on HGH

Those who want to reverse signs of aging are seeking out HGH, or human growth hormone products. The main claim of HGH is to increase height, but it has also been said to combat many symptoms of aging like the loss of muscle mass and wrinkles. If you’re curious about HGH, it is important that you get the facts first, and act second.

HGH and Aging

The body’s secretions of this hormone lessen by the time adults reach their 30s, and continues to decline steadily with age forever after. Secretion levels are highest in early childhood and peak during puberty. The drop in HGH release contributes to our looking older, developing fatigue, diabetes, reduced muscle mass and a variety of other unpleasant things associated with aging. The theory then, is that an increase in HGH will effectively subvert these unwanted bodily symptoms. Marketing campaigns play off this, promising eternal youth with the right HGH product. As a consumer, you need to be wary, and know that aging is an inevitable process.

HGH Methods

This hormone is manufactured in a number of ways. First there are HGH injections-synthetic substances introduced to your blood stream. Injections are typically taken multiple times a day, and can cost up to $25 per administration. You could wind up spending almost $2 000 a month on these injections. They are prescription-required and not covered by insurance. Since the HGH is synthetic, side effects are a risk.

Oral sprays are also common, to be administered under the tongue. There is little proof that these products are effective however. Studies say that growth hormone is incapable of passing through mouth membranes. For true absorption, this is not a good option.

Natural HGH releasers are your best bet. These are taken in pill form daily, much like a vitamin supplement. It is best to take them before bed because your pituitary gland, which releases HGH, is most active when you sleep. Made from natural herbs, these tablets contain no synthetic ingredients. Studies suggest this is the most effective and safe alternative. That being said, as a smart consumer you need to be wary of scams. Read all of the ingredients to ensure that what you are getting is in fact natural.

GenF20 Plus

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You always want to trust what you put in your body. With so many synthetic options out there for HGH treatments, GenF20 Plus is your perfect solution. Choose the brand that is financially and physically risk-free.