5 Strength Training Myths You Should Stop Believing

Staying fit is a prime need no person can ignore and a lot of ailments may creep in when you have excess fat and an unfit body. This is applicable for women as well. To stay fit, people may resort to various workout methods. However, there are some misconceptions about some forms of workouts and these make a section of people stay away from those fitness forms. One prime example is strength training. There are some myths associated with strength training that you should learn about and get the fact clear on them!

Below Listed Are The Prevalent Misconceptions About Strength Training:

1. It is for men only

Healthy Female Lifting Weights with Trainer

A lot of men and women have the feeling that strength training is ideal only for men. However, the reality is, not every woman aspires to have wafer thin figures. Strength training can be ideal for those women into sports and adventure activities. Women can develop feminine curves and muscles which will not make them look ugly- by doing this form of exercise.

2. It can make you bulky

This is another widespread wrong conception about strength training. It does help you develop The muscle gain does not take place overnight though. It is best that you have a balance of strength training and cardio exercises. A balanced diet with these will help you develop toned and lean muscles.

3. It is not effective in calorie burning

It is true that cardio exercises are ideal for burning more calories, but that does not mean resorting to strength training is useless! The latter helps you give a boost to metabolism and that leads to weight loss eventually.

4. Muscle turns into fat after you cease lifting weights

A section of people have the impression that the muscles gained by doing regular strength training will convert into fat once the exercise is stopped. The reality is your fats and muscles are made up of different cells. The men who gain weight after stopping strength training usually fail to adjust their diet.

5. Lifting makes muscles stiff as well as inflexible

The idea that weight training leads to muscles becoming stiffened and inflexible is false. Combining the exercise with starching and muscle flexing exercise yields better results.

Other Myths About Strength Training You Should Not Believe:

1. Weight training is not good for the body joints

Stop believing the myth that resorting to this exercise will affect your body joints adversely. The truth is weight-bearing exercises actually help in strengthening the hips and legs. With stronger muscles, body joints become more stable.

2. It’s hard to gain muscle if it is gone

It is a fact that preventing muscle loss prior to it sets in is better. However, it is not late to undo the damage afterwards as well. Strength training can help those in their 40s and 50s gain muscles too.

3. You can do with light weights alone

This is another myth that you should not believe in. At the beginning, trying the 5-pounders can help. However, eventually you want to develop stronger muscles. So, gradually increasing the weight you lift is actually good for fitness. However, factors like health conditions and goals have to be analyzed before this.

4. It is hard to find time for it

Most people stay away from doing strength training because they feel it takes up a lot of time and hence they will not be able to give time to it on a regular basis. The reality is initially you need not spend a lot of time doing these workouts. A couple of full-body strength training exercises are good to begin with. You can keep 15 minutes a day for these when you are really busy.

5. I can’t do it without a gym

If there is not a well equipped gym in the neighborhood that does not mean you can’t do strength training exercises. Even women can resort to Home-based weights workouts before hitting the gym, say the health experts. Besides, you do not need a very lavish or expensive gym to try out these exercises. You can begin by trying basic weight lifting workouts and the web resources are good to start with.

6. The results should pour in quickly

This is one big misconception about strength training exercises and this is why a lot of people drop out of it fast! It is true that strength training is good for shrink-wrap your body and develop lean, shapely muscle. However, no one can develop these lean and strong muscles overnight or say, about a week! Consistency is the key to success and one should set a deadline of 2 months or more before results can be felt. The pain is worth the outcome- say the fitness experts.

7. It is about developing muscles only

A lot of people feel that resorting to the strength training exercises is good only for developing lean muscles. However, the added benefit is that sticking to these exercises help improve your brain’s cognitive abilities. Studies have shown trying these workouts help improve cognitive functions in both genders. It works best when you combine aerobics with strength training workouts- as per the findings of a University of Illinois study. The studies also show progressive strength training may help in reducing depression and anxiety in older adults.

8. You can do good with Body-weight exercises too

A section of people feel that they do not at all need strength training to stay fit. They feel resorting to Body-weight exercises and yoga would be good enough. While the benefits of these kinds of workouts cannot be denied, there is no way one can substitute strength training for muscle building.

Where It All Leads To?

So, you can see the myths regarding strength training are so far from reality. It can benefit both genders when done in the apt ways. You should balance it with other workouts and resort to a suitable diet for getting the best results.