Injectable HGH

What is HGH?

HGH is the acronym for Human Growth Hormone. Our brain has a pituitary gland which secretes hormones called the HGH. HGH cells are the ones responsible for our growth or simply put, for human growth. That is why today, many studies and research are being conducted on these hormones. If it is the reason for our growth and other important functions that occur in our body, then perhaps it can help in many diseases too. If those Human Growth Hormones are responsible for the vital functions in our body, then it can truly help cure or solve medical problems or issues related to such functions.

You see, as the human body age, the hormones are also decreased. Our pituitary glands secrete less HGH cells and this is the very reason why some of the functions in our body also weaken. Some of these functions affected are as follows: wrinkle development, pre-mature ageing, thinning of air, mental functions, as well as sexual functions. Take for example back in our youth, we can work out for hours and remain strong, energetic, alive, and pumped up, as we age, we easily get tired and develop muscle aches and pains. We’re not as flexible as we used to be. Our level of stamina lowers and we easily run out of breath. Now imagine if our pituitary gland continue to release the same amount of human growth hormones. We would probably feel young again. You can do your usual extra-curricular activities.

How HGH can Help

As we mentioned, as we age, our pituitary glands also secrete less human growth hormones. So if that is the problem, what if we provide those hormones to the body manually? What if we re-inject the hormone to solve the problems we have been encountering since we started aging? Isn’t it the obvious solution to such a problem? This is the solution that doctors and researchers are trying to find out. Pretty much, the re-injection of such hormones is helping to a certain extent. It’s proving to be an effective solution at the moment. That is why injectable hormone therapy was born.

Injectable HGH Therapy

A growing number of practitioners are already making use of the Injectable Hormone Therapy based on the studies conducted by various doctors throughout the world. Doctors are already introducing this treatment for ageing problems. It has become a popular treatment for those wanting to solve those aging issues. Of course, this kind of treatment needs a thorough medical check-up and approval of your doctor. At the same time, this treatment is not that cheap. The Injectable Hormone Therapy comes with a hefty price tag. This kind of therapy would cost you about $20,000 more or less.

Other Alternatives

Because of the expensive cost of the treatment, a lot of companies strived hard to find a cheaper alternative way to do it. Many companies produced powders, liquids, pills, and even sprays that can be found in pharmacies. However, before you take in these alternative medications, make sure to ask and consult your doctor. Of course, since these are cheaper alternatives, these are not as effective as the original injectable treatment. Taking powder or pills will take you a few days to months to show results.

Saizen Injectable HGH

Among the most common injectable HGH cells is Saizen. It is manufactured by Serono. It comes from synthetic somatropin produced by a DNA technology. The good thing with Saizen is that it can also be used by younger ones who have growth issues.