5 New Ways To Stay Motivated To Work Out Regularly

Working out is what the doctors advice to people with various ailments and health complications to stay fit. From teenagers to the elderly lot everyone needs to exercise to stay in shape and keep ailments at bay. However, starting a workout regimen is something, and sticking to it is something else, as many people find out. Owing to several factors including lack of motivation, expenditure and lack of realistic goals a lot of women and men drop their fitness regime soon after starting. However, it is not too hard to stick to your workout regimes as long as you plan it properly and adopt the measures that are required for adherence.

5 Top Tips You Need To Stay Motivated For Exercising

1. Keeping The Equipment Ready At Hand

It is better that you keep the equipment you need to exercise within reach. The equipment you use for working out can be stored in a bag or containers which can be taken out and taken to any place. This way, you can continue to workout even when you travel or go to some other place to work or other needs. You should also keep a mat ready as well.

2. No Need To Spend a Fortune

There are some people who do not plan properly for working out and they end up spending a huge amount after it. This eventually leads them to drop out of the regime. A lot of things have to be analyzed first. You need to think of your work schedule, lifestyle, budget and fitness goals. There is no reason to buy a very expensive device like an automated treadmill if there is an affordable gym in the vicinity. It is not necessary that the expensive fitness centers are mandatory for developing a well-built figure. You can compare the packages offered by the gyms in your locality. Choose one that fits your budget and fitness goals well.

3. Make Realistic Goals For Fitness

It is necessary that you keep your fitness goals at a realistic level. A lot of people drop out of their fitness regimes because they set lofty targets. You should set weekly or monthly targets for fitness. The amazing six pack abs flaunted by your favorite model on magazine cover may be tempting. However, you should understand it took even those celebs months and years to attain dream physique. The same is true about adhering to fitness diet and you should not make drastic change to the diet.

4. Reward Yourself To Stick To a Fitness Regime

It can be tempting to skip workout schedule or indulge in gorging on junk foods. However, you may deviate from your set fitness goals if you give in to such temptations! Instead, you can set rewards for yourself and stick to the fitness goals. The rewards can be in many forms- based on what you like. It can be dinner at your favorite restaurant once a month or a relaxing pedicure session at your preferred spa. You can also go to the movies with friends and watch a concert of your favorite singer or musician. You may also plan for small weekend trips to places of your choice as an alternative.

5. Choosing The Favorite Workout

There are numerous options available for working out these days. For example, you may go for cardiovascular training or opt for free hand exercises. There are people who choose aerobics and swimming lovers find water exercises more suitable. So, make sure you choose a workout type which suits your liking and lifestyle. This will ensure you do not drop out of fitness regime soon after beginning.

What Else You Can Do

Apart from the above listed points, you can resort to some other effective measures to ensure you do not deviate easily from your fitness regime and goals. These are:

  1. Using visual reminders– You can use visual remedies and ‘To do’ lists to ensure you workout without deviation. Print out a checklist of targets to be achieved in terms of fitness above your desk or on walls. After you achieve one target, tick it off. This way you can always get reminded of what else is left to be achieved. You can also use mobile apps as reminders and there are many fitness tracker apps that can be used in this context.
  2. Asking friends to join– It is always helpful if you can find friends who are willing to join your fitness regime. This can be in the form of running and jogging together or workout in the gym. This will help you stay on track and the friends can encourage you to carry on when you feel less motivated. It does not matter if the friends belong to a different age group as long as the fitness goals are similar. You can also form a workout group by inviting a number of like minded colleagues or friends.
  3. Starting slowly and then intensifying– Whether you join an aerobics class or get enrolled in a nearby gym, it is better that you start on a low scale and then increase the amount of activities and spend more time. Initially, you should allow your body muscles time to get habituated to the strain and stress caused by intense workout activities. Otherwise, your muscles will get fatigued and you will find it hard to adhere to the regime. Later you can exercise more and add more time to daily workout schedule.

Where It All Leads To?

So, you can see that adhering to a workout regime is not tedious- whether it is aerobics or hardcore gym based workouts. You need to analyze factors like fitness goal, Health status, budget and work schedule before starting a workout regime. Starting slow and building up gradually is advisable and setting a time plan for achieving fitness goals is necessary too. You should also choose a fitness activity that suits your life and body. If necessary, you can work out at home as well.